MunroeKnives has been a full-time family operated business since the beginning of 1997. Based in beautiful Gallatin Valley Montana, the MunroeKnives team was founded on the principles of innovation, evolution, and performance. The main design and fabrication work is led by D.C. Munroe, with inspiration born in some of the wildest and most remote places in North America.

We know what it's like to count on a piece of gear, whether for your food, your comfort, or even your life. That's why we use what we design, and carry what we build. All our products are proudly made in Montana using mostly USA-made raw materials.

D.C. Munroe

Deryk is the main source of engineering and labor for the MunroeKnives team. A lifelong fascination with weaponry led him to create his first knife in 1984, and he followed a somewhat convoluted path to becoming a full-time knifemaker in 1997. Exploring and evolving the various aspects of the craft has driven him ever since. Getting him out of the wilderness and off the firing range are the keys to timely production.

Jana Munroe

Jana has also been involved with the custom knife industry since 1997. In addition to providing logistical support and creating some handmade knives and jewelry of her own, she also managed a retail knife store in downtown Bozeman, MT. When not chasing light across a remote desert with camera in-hand, she can be found doing product photography, customer support, and helping maintain a web presense for MunroeKnives.

Sage Adrienne

With an extensive background in fine arts and graphic design, Sage is bringing new vision to the merchandising and design facets of MunroeKnives. She'd probably rather be exploring an alternate dimension where every day is Halloween, but also enjoys studying the craft of metalsmithing and hanging out with her alien-cat-bat hybrid, Prince Lucius.


Nymer has claimed the title of Queen Yard Panther & head vermin exterminator. When not proving she's the most killingest killing machine ever, she lends her expertise in bubble wrap destruction and artistic additions of cat hair to packing materials.

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