All MunroeKnives products are guaranteed for life, or as long as we are able to work. Should a product fail during the performance of it's intended use by the original purchaser, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Modification will void this guarantee.

This guarantee does not cover natural materials, normal wear, or damage caused by misuse, neglect, or stupidity.


No sales to anyone under the age of 18. Certain tools and other products that we manufacture may not be legal in your area. Please consult local laws before purchase. Purchaser assumes all legal liability with regards to owning, carrying, or using our products. MunroeKnives cannot be held responsible for any damage, injury, or mayhem our products may cause.


We accept U.S. currency, Paypal, credit cards through Paypal, money orders, and personal checks. Payment in full will be required before shipment. Personal checks may be held for payment before merchandise is shipped. All sales are final!


We offer free sharpening of Munroe knives for the original purchaser, as long as you pay return shipping. We will also re-sharpen any Munroe knife for a small fee + return shipping.


We will continue to offer refurbishing services of unaltered knives. This refurbishing service will only put knives back to their original finish.

One exception is the ghost finishing process, which is extremely time consuming and hard to replicate.

We will not refurbish or service knives that have been "pimped" or altered.